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          Analysis of 960mm casting rolling coiler expanding shaft characteristics

          Release time:2014-11-06

            Coiling collapsible shaft is a core component of the fetching machine roll. It is mainly composed of a pull rod, a core shaft, a tooth, tooth block T, T block, plate shaped molar, end cover, the auxiliary support block, disc springs, disc springs pull rod, a movable jaw, a fixed fan activities and the fans. It coiling of the aluminum strip temperature is higher, the required coiling tension,so in the coiling expanding shaft and movable parts design material selection, should use at higher temperatures, stiffness, strength should be higher.

            In practical design, a core shaft selection of high strength and high quality alloy steel42Cr2Ni2Mo, a movable jaw and teeth in the selection of 42CrMo steel. Taking into account thecoiling shaft strip in the roll, the scroll pressure generated increases with volume size increased,the pressure to produce a hindrance on the slant tooth strip on shrinkage hold force size, in order to avoid the hold force as a result of excessive discharge volume is difficult, choose 13degrees tooth angle. The upper and lower teeth are matched with the sliding inclined plane, by the resetting structure of T shaped groove, eliminates the axial distribution along the active fanboard using compression spring resetting structure size fan board narrowing. The T shaped groove reset structure, simple structure, reliable reset, saves much used for fastening bolts,spring fixing bolts, which brings great convenience to the downtime, save manpower and time


            The expanding shaft has the advantages of compact structure, symmetrical, jaw mouth is relatively large, one volume is relatively easy to implement, the auxiliary support belt end,carrying large tonnage, up to more than 22T, high positioning precision. Swell shrinkingdiameter difference, unloading easy.

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